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Pile Group Analysis and Pile Cap Design

Product Overview:

TGPILES allows the user to analyze any pile arrangement for the applied loads (dead, live, and wind) and design the pile cap accordingly. It also provides for evaluation of as-built pile arrangements and to provide for repair solutions to existing conditions.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with windows xp, vista, 7, 8 and 10.
  • Generates symmetrical pile groups with patterns of up to 200 piles automatically
  • Analyzes any configuration of pile groups up to 200 piles and designs the pile cap accordingly
  • Analyzes up to 200 piles in any configuration for both axial and biaxial bending moments
  • Prints the exact location of the centroid of the pile group with respect to the column location
  • Both SI metric and FPS English units are provided
  • Bi-axial bending capability is incorporated. The exact pile axial loads, due to combined applied axial load and bending moments, are provided
  • Large shear wall foundations may be analyzed and designed using sophisticated stress distribution and design capabilities
  • Designs the cap using several layers of rebar in order to maintain the most economical depth for the pile cap. This is very useful for shear wall foundations with large moments present
  • The required flexural rebar, steel ratio, and ultimate moments are also printed along with the total concrete volume and steel weight
  • TGPILES is available both in PC version and WEB version. The WEB version provides for flexibility of maintaining cloud based files for projects which can be accessed from anywhere by members of the project

For more information about this software, Please refer to website for cloud based demo version evaluation and purchase of this product.