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Property Condition Assessments / Commercial Inspections

Due to the complexity of some of the commercial buildings such as industrial warehouses and office buildings, it is imperative to have a team of experts reviewing various building components. In order to assure piece of mind for our clients, ESI provides the most comprehensive commercial inspections in Georgia by utilizing our team of code certified professional structural engineers along with licensed electrical and HVAC professionals for a thorough evaluation of the building.

Property Condition assessments (PCA) provide a much more detailed evaluation of the property which meets the requirements of ASTM E2018-08 standards. Condition assessment is an integral part of construction project acquisition and potential facility maintenance and repair.  Proper planning for maintenance, repair and capital improvements depends on accurate and reliable condition assessment data.  This becomes increasingly important in situations where fiscal resources are limited and must be spread over extended periods.

This type of evaluation is not required for smaller buildings and is typically utilized for large industrial, hospital, or office buildings. Our experts provide a comprehensive report which entails the condition and life expectancy of various systems and components of the building for a better understanding of condition of the building under evaluation and possible capital cost required for repairs.

Utilization of our company has eliminated the need for our clients to pay a second fee to a structural engineer for structural defects found during an inspections. Our professional structural engineers diagnose the problem and provide solutions on the spot which facilitates a smooth transition during the inspections process and has provided for many successful sales.