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Phased Inspections

Due to issues encountered during construction of new projects, It is imperative to have regular observations during different phases of the construction. ESI provides the following services for our phased inspections:

  1. Foundation stage- The soil is evaluated to assure proper compaction under the footings and presence of proper rebar in the footings. This is probably the most important step in the phased inspection, since, the majority of settlements occur due to pour soil capacity under the footings.
  2. Framing stage- Once all the framing has been completed and mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough's are finalized, then ESI's code certified engineers review the framing to assure conformance with applicable ICC codes and structural integrity of the members.
  3. Final stage- Upon completion of the house (including landscaping, and all trims), ESIĀ  reviews the final product to assure proper functionality of all installed elements prior to closing on the property.